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So I have started my business and on 4 July 2016 reached a new milestone

Knitting is one of my passions. For this purpose super cuddly wool or sensitive yarns and perfect needles are indispensable for me. When I was in a "special" shop a few years ago and wanted to buy knitting needles, I learned that these needles are not in stock. Only with the next order and delivery I can could get it. An intermediate delivery was not possible and so I should wait about 3-4 weeks. A notification that the needles have arrived I should not receive, but simply more often times come by.

I was disappointed and horrified about these actions.

I wanted only 30cm long single pointed needles from this new colorful wood. Not more. At the time I lived in a small village and drove with great hopes and expectations to the town to stroll, shop and buy the needles. I cut it down here, because in a shop the needles were unknown and in the other business I should wait up to 2 weeks.

My decision was firm:
"I can do that better!"

So gradually the idea took shape.

    A merchandise management was there (a few small card types would have also done it)
    An online shop was created and filled
    A warehouse was set up, for example, in the size of a shoe box in which the inventory took 10 minutes
     and ...

 and today

    There is the ERP, which is now working in the network with several computers and printers,
    My stock has now grown to more than 90m²,
    My online shop has been moved so you do not have to wait long,
    Has received a new design

And I've been successful in online trading and consulting for several years now, even though I sometimes wondered why I was doing the stress. But I know what I offer and sell to my customers, because I use and try all my articles myself. If something has fallen through, I do not take it into the sale. So I've proven it and prove it daily that I can really do it better.

My "department store" has been open for you for over 7 years 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose in the usual environment and in peace and find practical additions for your hobby craftsmanship around knitting, crocheting, felting, embroidery, crafting or a fitting gift. Buy in your usual environment and look forward to the order delivered by us immediately. Competent advice is our focus. In the meantime, we are not only the online shop, but also on-site we offer expert advice by appointment. Just contact us.

Feel our wool offered by renowned manufacturers such as Austermann, Opal and Järbo Sweden socks, the Pro Lana "hatnut" wool blend from Langendorf & Keller, Schulana's soft wool, Artesano and Manos of Uruguya lace yarns.

My offered wool and yarns were expertly chosen and felt at trade fairs. Nothing was bought from catalogs.

Of course the suitable knitting needles and crochet needles must not be missing. Choose between needles from KnitPro and Addi, round knitting needles, needle sets, jack-knit needles, crochet needles.
The different materials bamboo, symfonie wood, deluxe symfonie rose, nova metal, brass, acrylic, plastic with glitter confinement, high quality carbonz needles - a material which is also used in the space travel, everyone finds the optimal and at reasonable prices.

Do you need any suggestions? Also here we can help with a large selection of manuals from OZ, Topp and Addi. If you miss something, then ask us.

June 4th, 2016

Wool is something to feel, to grasp, to unfold the senses in the truest sense of the word. After 6 years online shop it was on the 4th of June 2016 so far, the opening of my hand shop

"1001masche.de ... dat wollhus".

Visit my wool house and see the fantastic colors, feel the fine merino yarns, the dreamy silk yarns, cuddly wool for the warmer season.

You can find my shop in 21502 Geesthacht in Norderstrasse 23, opposite the Central Bus Station (ZOB)

We have disabled access to the shop, parking is available opposite the Sky Center for 2 hours.
Something missing in the shop?

Then please write it to me and I will see what can be done.
Look around and have fun while shopping.

This is my story to the shop.

Angela Schmidt - 1001masche.de
and if you have a better translation for my story, I would be happy to use it.

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KnitPro Nadelmaß rund Envy, grün 10992

KnitPro Nadelmaß rund Envy, grün 10992

€ 1,85 *
Old price: € 2,10
Prym Strick-Ding

Prym Strick-Ding

€ 12,35 *
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addi Edelsstahl-Schere Triocut 609-2

addi Edelsstahl-Schere "Triocut" 609-2

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Schulana Sayonara Print 100% Seide 50g

Schulana Sayonara Print 100% Seide 50g

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Old price: € 13,50
Schulana Merlana 50g

Schulana Merlana 50g

€ 5,55 *
€ 11,10 per 100 g
Fila Doro Soft Chaine 25g

Fila Doro Soft Chaine 25g

€ 3,75 *
€ 15,00 per 100 g
Schulana Sensitiva Print 50g

Schulana Sensitiva Print 50g

€ 6,85 *
€ 13,70 per 100 g
Schulana Sensitiva 50g

Schulana Sensitiva 50g

€ 6,45 *
€ 12,90 per 100 g
Gedifra Estate 50g

Gedifra Estate 50g

€ 5,50 *
€ 11,00 per 100 g