HowTo - exchange the hand wheel (crank) of addi Express knitting machines

In all efforts to ensure that KINGSIZE is safely packaged for shipping that no damage can occur, it may happen that the KINGSIZE is damaged during transport. Likewise, the use of the KINGSIZE something can go wrong. I would like to show how the hand wheel (crank) is replaced. All pictures and the exchange I made myself.

Caution is advised

When you bought the KINGSIZE and for transport you spent a lot of money. This machine is made of plastic. Therefore caution should be exercised in all subsequent work. You will unscrew some screws and remove parts of the machine. Do not use a battery screwdriver or similar. Only a quite simple manual screwdrivers is needed. All parts of the KINGSIZE are fitted precisely. The removal and installation of the parts should work without force. Don’t push too hard. Please unscrew only the screws, which are marked in the following pictures.

You will make this work at your own risk. If something else is broken at your KINGSIZE, you will lose the warranty claims. So be very careful.

English is not my mother tongue and if some part is not written correct or if you are not sure what is meant, so contact me before doing a wrong job.


The KINGSIZE has 43 white and 3 black needles. The red ring shows numbers for each needle. The black needles on the ring are always in the openings with the numbers 1-3. Please note this when you assemble the machine later.

Let’s go

All screws of the KINGSIZE can be loosened with a cross or flat screwdriver and tightened again. Please pay attention to the handicraft " Don’t push too hard".  All rotating and moving parts are greased for better sliding. A small cloth for cleaning the fingers or needles could be within easy reach.

  • Place the machine down with the needles. Unscrew the 4 feet.

Look at the bottom of the 4 screws and note that the distances between the screws are different. You should remember this later in assembly.
Loosen these 4 screws. Carefully lift up the bottom of the KINGSIZE and place it aside..

You are now looking inside the machine. Also here are 4 screws, which must be loosened.
Loosen these 4 screws.

Hold the top and the underside of the KINGSIZE firmly and turn the KINGSIZE so that the needles are up.

Before you continue, look at the following picture.
At the top is the counter and at the base are the contacts to count the ranks. The wires that connect the contacts and the rows are solid and cannot be detached. But the wire can tear off if you are not careful.

  • Carefully lift the top and close it so that both parts are as shown in the picture.

Now look at the KINGSIZE side.

1. Needle guide
2. Black ring
3. "Nose" on the ring
4. Switch between flat or circular knitting

Lift the red needle guide carefully and without force. Be careful not to damage any white or black needles. Lift the black ring and place both pieces aside.

Loosen the screws on the guide of the hand wheel and lift off the upper part of the guide.

Carefully lift the gear ring gently and without force, and pull the hand wheel forward.

Now we start to install the new hand wheel.

 First look at the white part on the hand wheel. It runs conically and is wider in the machine than directly on the hand wheel. Note that if you reinstall the guide for the hand wheel at the bottom and top. If you have lifted the lower part of the guide (3), put it back in now. In the KINGSIZE are 2 small holes and on the lower part 2 small noses. So you cannot install it wrong.

Raise the crown slightly and without force, and then insert the hand wheel.

Now place the top cover of the guide on the white shaft and note that this cover is tapered and tighten with the two screws.

Next you put the black ring back on the tooth ring. Keep in mind that you are again in the position of the stopper

The next step will be to reinstall the red ring (the guide of the needles). Think of position 1 of the black needles and do not use force.

  • The top with the row counter is now folded over and placed on the KINGSIZE. Remember of the fine wires for the row counter.

Hold the upper and lower part firmly and turn the KINGSIZE back again, that the needles are down. You can screw the upper part and lower part.

In the next step you will re-screw the base plate of the KINGSIZE. Look at the positions of the pins that are to receive the screws.

Finally you will screw the bottom plate of the KINGSIZE again.

That’s all - happy knitting

Screw the feets and check, that all is working well..

Bilder und Text: Angela Schmidt e.Kfr.
2017-01-29 Wolfgang Herbst