MH COLLECTIONS exclusive knitwear

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MH CCOLLECTIONS - Exclusive knitting needles & accessories
Noble knitting needles from different woods, cloth needles in fine shapes with muschelleinlagen, here you will find the special for knitwear.
Are you looking for a special gift? All needles are handmade and always unique, in the wood surfaces were inserted Muschelleinlagen from Permutt and Acoa mussel.
The special knitting experience.

Exklusive Stricknadeln

Exklusive Stricknadeln mit Perlmutteinlage im Nadelkopf -...

Exklusive Tuch-Sicherheitsnadel

Handgefertigte Tuchsicherheitsnadel - mit Muscheleinlage

Exklusive Tuchnadeln Naturhölzer Perlmutt

MH Collections Tuchnadel mit Perlmutt - handgefertigt,...

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