OPAL Socks Yarn     the senses entangled...


OPAL Socks Yarn
the senses entangled with dreamlike bleeding. Pollutant-free, best quality knitting without pilling, skin-friendly and machine washable.
Herstgestellt 100% in Germany, several awards for inovation and creativity.
With Opal + Sock wool entangle the senses, in the truest sense of the word.
All yarns of Opal are manufactured in Germany. Tutto Opal - a more than 30 years family-run company strives to provide credibility,
Self-responsibility and close relationship with our environment.
The yarns are manufactured under most severe regulations under the motto "Healthy Clothing, Healthy People, Healthy Environment".
The processed wool comes exclusively from local sheep farmers.
Strict quality controls, the latest technology are used to conjure up this beautiful and the highest standards of knitters and knitters justice to socks + sweater + yarns with these gorgeous gradients a miracle in wool.
For over 30 years the name Tutto Opal stands with his yarns for creativity, innovation and quality in the market.
For this quality OPAL has received multiple awards.